Breite Strasse 29 - Berlin (Germany) / 6 March, 3pm - 5pm

Date: 25 Jan’18


The workshop aims to present the new face of the Bulgarian Tourism - 4 seasons Health Tourism/ Experience Medical SPA and Wellness in Bulgaria. A dialog forum with welcome coffee and Bulgarian specialties.

The event is organized by the German-Bulgarian industrial and Commercial Chamber and BUBPSA, supported by the Ministry of Tourism and ESPA, with the participation of the Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Nikolina Angelkova.


 Agenda of the workshop:

  • Minister of Tourism - Nikolina Angelokova (Mrs) - Strategy of Tourism
  • Deutsch-Bulgarische Industrie - und Handelskammer, Mr Mitko Vasilev - General manager: Economic advantages by investment in Bulgarian Tourism

  • Bulgarian Union of Balneology and spa tourism and European Spa Association Mrs Siyka Katsarova - Vice President: Health Tourism makes big steps in Bulgaria

  • European Spas Association: Impulse presentation "Tradition und Innovation in the Health tourism in Bulgaria" - Mrs Csilla Mezosi - Secretary General ESPA


Participants: German PR specialist and experts; German tour-operators specialized in the medical spa and spa tourism; Insurance companies.