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POMORIE Capital of spa tourism in Bulgaria

Pomorie is one of the most ancient towns ever built on the current territory of Bulgaria. Historical sources say that its beginning dates back to the end of the fifth century B.C. when it was given the name of Anhialo. The town is founded as a Greek colony at the end of the fifth century B.C. A larger part of its inhabitants then were Thracians. During the centuries Anhialo grows to be one of the biggest and most significant towns along the Black Sea. The town receives its new name Pomorie in 1934. Around that time it begins to turn into a tourism centre as many people from all over the country and abroad pay visits in order to enjoy the curative properties of the mud.

Samokov municipality - located in south-western Bulgaria at the foot of the Rila Mountain. Тhe town of Samokov is only 60 km away from Sofia and 100 km away from Plovdiv Airport. In only 10 km from the town is situated the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria - Borovets. Both, the longest river in Bulgaria - Iskar and the largest one in Bulgaria - Maritsa spring from the territory of Samokov region. Unique natural wealth of the municipality are the Rila lakes - more than 40, scattered in the high parts of Rila. The region has deposits of mineral water near the village of Belchin. Samokov Valley is located between several mountains - Rila, Plana, Vitosha, Verila, Ihtimanska Sredna Gora - with an average altitude - 950 meters. The highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula - Musala - 2925 m is situated here. The name “Musala” comes from the Arabic expression “Mus Allah” and means “Reaching God”.

Cultural, balneological and tourist center of national and international significance - such is the modern feature of Sandanski region with over 3200 years of history. This blessed by God niche of Bulgaria is generously endowed with an unique scenery and healing gifts, known since antiquity - curative air, warm mineral waters, torrential rivers, proud mountains.

The region of  Sandanski possess a long and quite curious history. It preserved the cultural heritage in the form of impressive artifacts and abundant palette of folkloric traditions and customs.

Sandanski municipality is a modern tourist center with excellent location and perfect conditions for recreation and practicing various types of tourism. A wide variety of services and attractions, mineral waters and pools, curative treatments and healing climate, attracts many guests and the city is bubbling in a tireless rhythm all the year round.


Health and beauty through the healing power of water

St. St. Constantine and Helena is the oldest Bulgarian Black Sea resort. It is located 8 km north of the city of Varna in a remarkably beautiful natural area, which represents a 10-15 meters high natural terrace above the sea. The combination of the resort’s green park, crystal clear sea air, thermal springs, golden beaches and pure sea water, make the location a preferred sea and SPA destination for tourists from all around the globe.

The resort has more than 100 years of history and a long-standing tradition in thalassotherapy, balneotherapy and SPA services.

In 1909, with the   assistance   of   Queen   Eleonora,   Bulgarian   Tsar   Ferdinand’s second wife, the first children’s seaside sanatorium moved in the complex.

In 1933, the first grape therapy institution was opened in the resort, hence it became the first and the only one resort in Bulgaria to combine thalassotherapy and grape therapy.

Today anyone can touch this unique combination of natural resources at Wellness, SPA and Balneo centers of the resort. The variety of opportunities for relaxation, recovery and sport will be also collected in the new thermal complex.